Fresh Grade and Fresh Grade Next Presentation

Communication platform between teacher, parent, and student for creating.


Lesson Plans

  • Easy to use tools
  • Align activities to standards, frameworks and assessments


Digital Portfolios

  • Store and highlight learning
  • Students can customize their portfolio
  • Online journaling for self reflection
  • Keep track of student learning through different forms of media evidence


  • Post announcements for upcoming events
  • You can see which parents have read



  • Post schedules and homework assignments
  • Track progress
  • Can choose assessment tool or make own


Progression Reports

  • Great for communication concerning student learning progression
  • Early intervention
  • Engages parents
  • Evidence of learning is readily accessible


Report Cards

  • Can add anecdotal comments
  • Convenient access to student report cards
  • Standards based, score-based


Fresh Grade Fresh grade next
upload 1 photo at a time upload multiple photos at once
Gradebook and portfolio looks different on all devices Gradebook and portfolio look the same on all devices
Announcements go to the whole class Announcements can be customized, can be used like email. (i.e. you can email 4 students through fresh grade next rather than the whole class)


  • Important to educate parents!

– When they post a comment, only the teacher can see it, not all the other parents

– Privacy concerns – when you download a class photo from fresh grade you cant post on social media



– When first starting, just use for communication and announcements

– Focus on 1 subject

-Photograph groups and tag students

When you “share as a highlight” – this notifies parents to look at your post

-Quick note

-When you email FreshGrade with a concern, make sure you email them with your school district email so they will reply to you ASAP.


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